Kokoschka Life’s Work – Preview

Director Michel Rodde


Painter, writer, lover, playwright, traveller, and freethinker, Oskar Kokoschka is a rare being, remaining young, lucid and passionate throughout the many ordeals he expe- rienced during his long life. Both classic and modern, his pictorial works of art remains avant-garde, and his topicality relates to us and warns us in a most ardent way: his high moral standards which are cruelly lacking in our times are an example that should be more widely known. The intimate life of Kokoschka mingles with the artistic and social life of that of a committed citizen. Added to his tireless life is the unremitting activity of the painter – thinker, each painting is a declaration of liberty and hope, a message of painful beauty and fraternity, a celebration of life.


Director Michel Rodde

with avec Aurélia Lüscher.

On the Rodde Again Productions

92 Minutes